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Our products

Video Player/Video Brochure
Video Player/Video Brochure
  • Save doctors' time to explain complicated information
  • Making prescription easier & faster
  • Comprehensive knowledge presentation on diseases & symptoms
  • Patients have better understandings on medication & treatments
  • Improving quality of life
  • Medical Mixer for Powder Injection
    Medical Mixer for Powder Injection
  • Save nurses’ time to mix powder & solvent before injection
  • Accurately done by software program setting
  • Worry-free on mixing quality, no wastage of expensive medicine
  • Self-Injection Practice Pen/Injection Training Tool
    Self-Injection Practice Pen/Injection Training Tool
  • Replicate the appearance, sound, feel and forces of real auto-injectors
  • A large percentage of patients make errors when using auto-injectors, many of which could be mitigated through proper training
  • Build up patients’ confidence so they can go on with treatment worry-free
  • Medical Cooler Bag
    Medical Cooler Bag
  • Proper medicine storage when travelling
  • Maintaining patients’ normal life routine, not to be affected by daily injection needs
  • Disposal Box/Disposal Bag
    Disposal Box/Disposal Bag
  • Proper disposal for injection pens & needles
  • Helps to lessen the dangerous to human and potential hazards to environment
  • Inhaler Practice Model
    Inhaler Practice Model
  • Helping asthma patients to familiarize with the inhaler before first use
  • Thorough training reduces patients’ anxiety
  • Pills Model/Organ Model
    Pills Model/Organ Model
  • Customized outlook, shape, color, forms
  • Assisting doctors when explaining medication to patients
  • Patients are clearer with visual models in front